Different Casket Styles

This is a very broad topic but I will keep it in its simplest form. 

Burial vs. Cremation Caskets

  • Burial Casket
    • Designed to be buried in the ground or entombed in a mausoleum.
With that being said, I have had burial caskets (wooden) cremated, but some crematories have rules and criteria as some metal parts and pieces can cause damage to the retort if they are not removed before cremation. 
  • Cremation Casket
    • Designed to be cremated with the deceased.

These caskets are made almost entirely of wood or MDF. They are designed for cremation and have features such as wooden stationary handle bars and wooden adjustable beds. There are still some metal parts such as screws and hinges but crematory operators are trained in removing these parts once the cremation has been completed. 

  • Rental Casket
    • Specially designed with an opening at the end of the casket that allows a cardboard insert to be put into the casket. These are reused by the funeral home. 
Designed and made for funeral homes, rental caskets give some flexibility for a family that is working within a budget. Using the funeral homes rental casket can often save the family some money. If a family is planning on cremation, but doesn't want to buy a cremation casket, the rental casket is probably going to be the best option. I would encourage the family to look at our cremation caskets to compare as many times for the same cost of the rental casket you can get a gorgeous cremation casket that will stay with your loved one all the way though cremation. 

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