Solidwood vs. Veneer Wood Caskets

I have not encountered many people that can tell the difference between a solid wood and a veneer wood casket. For me, the easiest way to tell the difference is to inspect the Interior of the casket, under the fabric lining. There are also a few solid mahogany caskets that I just know from experience are solid. 

Solid wood caskets are just that, they are made from solid wood. 

Veneer wood has a thin layer of a specific wood glued to the outside to give the appearance it is solid wood. A lot of wood furniture is manufactured with this technique. 

Veneer Casket Sheets

Most veneer wood caskets are made of MDF (medium density fiber). The manufacturer then applies a wood veneer to the MDF casket body. Lone Star Casket has various veneer wood caskets that we offer as it is a economical way to get the wood aesthetic without the solid wood price. 

Be sure to look at the seams where two pieces of wood come together as this is an area I have seen some veneer caskets fail. The attention to detail is very important as to not allow the veneer sheets to bubble or warp. 

In our eyes, solid wood doesn't function differently than a veneer casket. It boils down to what looks best to you, what fits in your budget, and what is available. Sometimes the price difference between the two can be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Solid wood will in fact hold up longer in a vault or grave liner as MDF is more absorbent and breaks down much easier. 


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