The Funeral Rule

The Funeral Rule is actually a real rule that is backed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Funeral Rule gives you as the consumer freedom to compare funeral home prices and services that you use for arrangements. 

What Are Your Rights?

Only buy the services that you want - if you don't want a viewing, or if you don't want flowers, it is your right as a consumer to pick and choose what funeral arrangement services you want to purchase.

Get pricing over the phone - If you call a funeral home on the phone, they are required to give you pricing. This can often be the easiest way to start your search. 

Full purchase breakdown - It is referred to as a general price list or GPL for short. The funeral home must give you a GPL if you request for one. 

If you buy your own casket, the Funeral Home must accept it. The Funeral Rule clearly states that the funeral home can not force you to be present upon delivery but we have noticed a few funeral homes that will still try to use this as a tactic to discourage families from buying their own casket. 






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