What are some features on a casket?

Caskets are containers that are used to bury or cremate a deceased person. There are many different features that can be included on a casket, depending on the design and material of the casket. Some common features of caskets include:

  1. Lid: The top part of the casket that can be opened and closed.
  2. Handles: Metal or wooden handles on the sides of the casket that are used to carry the casket.
  3. Interior lining: The inside of the casket is often lined with fabric or padding to provide a comfortable surface for the deceased.
  4. Hardware: This can include hinges, latches, and screws that hold the casket together and allow it to be opened and closed.
  5. Exterior finish: The casket can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, or fiberglass, and can have a range of finishes, such as a polished or matte finish.
  6. Personalization options: Some caskets allow for personalization, such as engraving or adding a personalized plaque.
  7. Sealing options: Some caskets have a gasket or seal around the edges of the lid to help keep the casket airtight and prevent the entry of water or other elements.

There are many other features that can be included on a casket, depending on the specific design and the needs of the person being buried or cremated.

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