Golden Tribute - 18 Gauge Casket - Lone Star Caskets

Golden Tribute - 18 Gauge Casket

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18 Gauge Steel Casket 

Word just cannot describe the sheer beauty and elegance of this casket. The gold finish glistens in the light. It gives truth to the statement that "gold goes with everything". It complements almost any outfit choice and has been used by both men and women. The gold tone of this casket along with the urn corners gives a look of both dignity and class. This has been a Lone Star Casket favorite since its inception. 

Features of this casket

  • Exterior Dimensions 83”x 28.5”x 23.25”
  • Interior Dimensions 78” x 23”
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Full Rubber Gasket
  • Champagne Gold High Gloss Finish
  • Fully Adjustable Bed
  • Urn Shell Corners
  • Light Cream Velvet